Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Perkins Family Resturant

Located on Lake street in St. Catharines I have grown to love the food at Perkins family restaurant, but have yet to have a good experience with service. In fact I would consider it the worst service staff I have experienced.

Last Thursday I went to Perkins and the service was very slow and not helpful. The hostess'  did not know where to seat us even though half the restaurant was empty.

When we were finally sat, we waited for nearly 10 minutes for a server. During the ten minutes we attempted to call/signal a server, but were just ignored. On this particular day we were on a time restraint and let the server know we needed to be out in less than an hour. The server notified us that it was easy to make this happen and there should be no issue. 

After waiting for our meals for 35 minutes I waved our server over asking if she knew how long the meals would be, she informed us she had forgotten to ring in the order and would get the food ready as quickly as possible.Knowing we needed to get out in less than 20 minutes I asked our server just to box up our food.

Normally when there is an issue with food or service a manager is notified and will come over to the table to try to make the guest happy. Guest satisfaction ensures guests leave the restaurant wanting to return. A manager never came over to talk to us, so I took the liberty to ask to speak to a manager. 

The manager had a snotty attitude, she seemed to care more about the dollar amount on the bill instead of guest satisfaction. The attitude she gave off made it easy in the deliberation on how to rate Perkins.

Perkins which is considered to be a “family” restaurant did not make us feel like we were valued guests. The food was great, but as for service I would rate Perkins:


  1. Wow, this is surprising. The last couple of times I went, the service was great. I did go for breakfast, so maybe different servers? I do have to say though, it is ridiculously expensive there. For a nice family restaurant, the food is pricey.

  2. I really don't like Perkins. When I was in high school, it was always the place to be, but I never really understood why. The service (if you get any) is mediocre at best, and if your not sick after eating the food like I was, then I would count yourself lucky.