Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The Keg Steakhouse & Bar

 "Quality, comfort and value are the three ingredients that make the Keg Steakhouse Bar & Grill like no other." 
 St. Catharines Keg

When people think of the Keg, they essentially think of their incredible food and service, I would have to agree. The Keg has been my favorite restaurant for years. Not once have I left feeling unsatisfied. 
Last Monday evening I went in for dinner at the St. Catharines location. I decided for the evening I would sit bar side. When you first walk into the Keg, you are always greeted by a friendly hostess who is always willing to answer any questions, and Monday night was no exception. 
When I first sat down with my date, we were one of two tables on the bar side. Thirty minutes later the bar was almost completely full. The girl who will remained unnamed was the only server on and got overwhelmed by the amount of tables sat in her section. Now in these types of situations it is no longer the servers issue, but managements. 
The server knowing she would get flustered came over and explained she was the only bar server on and was doing the best she could. I appreciated the fact that she knew she was going not going to give 100% and was polite enough to let us know if we needed anything the Keg "team" was available. 
The overall experience at the Keg was amazing. The food was incredible and even though the server was overwhelmed, the team service at the Keg shined through. Dinning room servers delivered food and created a calm atmosphere, knowing they were under staffed. 
As a result of not getting to experience one-on-one service at the Keg, I will only be giving a star rating on the general service received Monday evening. I would recommend the Keg to anyone who wants to receive great service.
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  1. I've only been to The Keg twice, and both times were a great experience. For the first time my date told them it was in fact my first time. At the end of the meal, my server came out with a huge slice of cake, welcoming me to The Keg! I was definitely impressed! It's little things like that that keeps the experience memorable.

  2. Almost every time I've been to The Keg, the food and service has been amazing. The only time I felt underwhelmed by the experience was a few months ago. We sat on the bar side, and it took our server 10-15 minutes to even come over with menus. If it had been busy I may have understood, but there were two tables besides us, so I wasn't very impressed.

  3. I managed to get to The Keg this weekend in St. Catharines. I have always enjoyed meals and service from this location. I especially love the decor at this location; it is truly unique.

  4. I used to love going to the Keg because of the impecable food and service that I have always experienced. However, I have not gone in so long and would love to go but am unsure if they have vegetarian options (since it is a steakhouse)and have honestly been too busy to check it out. Did you happen to notice if they do?