Monday, January 31, 2011

Welcome Guests!

Welcome to Serve-This!
To those who know me, I can be quite the critic of food service. Having worked in the hospitality industry for years, I have seen what it takes to become a great server. Through intense training processes servers are given the opportunity to create long lasting bonds, gain exceptional communication skills and make incredible money.

Why write this blog?
To get the big picture you need to understand the basics of food service. Here is the basic outline:

  • Guest greeting in less than one minute
  • Introduction of yourself, and features you offer
  • Beverage order followed by timely delivery
  • Ask guests if there are any questions regarding the menu ( allergies, modifications)
  • Obtain guests food order
  • Food delivered for appetizers less than 10 minutes, entrees less than 20 minutes
  • Upon food delivery, server ensures accuracy of food order
  • If guests beverage is 3/4 done, suggest a refill
  • 2 bite check- meaning check within two minutes for guest satisfaction with food
  • Now when it comes to clearing, finished dishes sever should ask if the guest would like them to clear the plate (some guests may find it rude if you start to clear, while members of their party are still eating)
  • Enquire about dessert, coffee or tea
  • Drop off bill within a minute of last beverage or food order
  • Ask guests if they require debit or credit
  • Upon payment thank the guests for joining you 

For me it is always about the experience for the guest. If the guest leaves unhappy you as a sever did not do your job. 

Each week I will test out a new restaurant. To ensure a variety of restaurants, I will test chain restaurants such as: The Keg and Red Lobster to smaller owned restaurants such as: Lester B's and The Lakehouse. I can not wait to start this process to see what the Niagara region known for their hospitality has to offer.

If there are any restaurants you would like me to analyze feel free to comment or contact me at